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Vinylux Nail Polish


Browse through our picture gallery to view the range of CND Vinylux Nail polish, then select a colour.

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Browse through our picture gallery to view the range of CND Vinylux Nail polish, then select a colour.

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Vinylux Colour

Aqua-Intance, Art Basil, Asphalt, Azure Wish, Be Demure, Beau, Beckoning Begonia, Bicycle Yellow, Black Pool, Bloodline, Blue Eyeshadow, Blue Rapture, Blush Teddy, Brass Button, Brick Knit, Burnt Romance, Butterfly Queen, Cake Pop, Cerulean Sea, Cityscape, Clay Canyon, Couture Covet, Cream Puff, Creekside, Crimson Sash, Crushed Rose, Dandelion, Daring Escape, Dark Dahlia, Dark Lava, Date Night, Decadence, Denim Patch, Desert Poppy, Digi-Teal, Electric Orange, Faux Fur, Fedora, Fern Flannel, Field Fox, Fine Vermillon, Fragrant Freesia, Gilded Pleasure, Glacial Mist, Gotcha, Grape Gum, Grapefruit Sparkle, Grommet, Handfired, Hollywood, Honey Darlin’, Hot Chillis, Hot Pop Pink, Impossibly Plush, Indigo Frock, Irreverent Rose, Lavender Lace, Lavishly Loved, Leather Satchel, Lilac Longing, Lobster Roll, Locket Love, Lost Labrynth, Lush Tropics, Magenta Mischief, Mambo Beat, Married to the Mauve, Masquerade, Mauve Maverick, Midnight Swim, Mint Convertible, Naked Naivete, Negligee, Night Glimmer, Nordic Lights, Overtly Onyx, Oxblood, Patina Buckle, Peacock plume, Pink Bikini, Pink Pursuit, Plum Paisley, Poison Plum, Powder my Nose, Pretty Poison, Purple Purple, Red Baroness, Reflecting Pool, Regally Yours, Ripe Guava, Rock Royalty, Romantique, Rose Brocade, Rouge Red, Rouge Rite, Rubble, Safety Pin, Sage Scarf, Salmon Run, Scarlett Letter, Seaside Party, Serene Green, Shells in the Sand, Sienna Scribble, Silver Chrome, Skin Tease, Steel Gaze, Strawberry Smoothie, Studio White, Sugared Spice, Sultry Sunset, Sunbleached, Svelte Suede, Tango Passion, Tartan Punk, Thistle Thicket, Tinted Love, Top Coat, Tropix, Tundra, Tutti Frutti, Untitled Bronze, Vexxed Violette, Waterpark, Wild Moss, Wildfire, Winter Glow, Wisteria Haze

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